Audio Tours

We create audio tours as an intimate storytelling experience, a voice in your ear giving an in-depth experience of your work.

In the middle of a crowd, viewers will experience a calm and quiet tour of your collection, told through a voice that represents your style. An audio tour of your permanent or visiting exhibits is an extension of your education and outreach programs, that lets visitors explore at their own pace.

We’re trained to tell stories without visuals. That means telling stories in a different way than on a page or on a screen. We can translate academic text into an engaging story, one that visitors will want to tell their friends and family.

What we do is a world away from generic production houses with voices that all sound the same. Our work is memorable, vivid and hand-crafted – creating a sound that reflects your mission and artistic vision.

Spanish-Language Tours

We’re able to offer translations of audio tours into Spanish, and work with actors who are native speakers to craft tours for Spanish-speaking audiences.

Accessible Tours & Vivid Description

If accessibility is your focus, we can create audio tours rooted in vivid description, to give visually-impaired visitors the chance to experience your collection and facility.

We’re trained in accessibility guidelines and can work with every style of art from realistic to abstract, including paintings, sculpture, craft, monumental and intimate works.